Taking care of jewellery

When dressing, we recommend putting on jewellery last and at the end of the day, taking it off first. This helps to avoid contact with perfumes, creams, oils and cosmetics you might apply. Always remove jewellery when showering, bathing, exercising and swimming. Make sure to avoid extreme temperatures, sunlight and humidity. Chemicals such as chlorine and cleaning products can be particularly damaging.

Cleaning jewellery

For best practice, use a soft lint-free cloth to restore the shine of your sterling silver and 18ct Yellow and Rose Gold Vermeil Jewellery.

Storing Jewellery

Always store your pieces of jewellery individually, preferably in soft jewellery storage, such as your Karst Jewellery Box, to prevent scratching and tangling. Ideally, Sterling Silver pieces should be kept in airtight storage and in a cool dark, dry place.

Caring for semi-precious stones

Do not keep gemstone jewellery in direct sunlight as prolonged exposure to sunlight can cause gemstones to fade and lose their colour. Semi-precious gemstones should be cleaned using a dry soft cloth, avoid hot water, harsh chemicals and cleaners.

Karst Jewellery Warranty

Every piece of Karst Jewellery is covered by an 6-month warranty for more information click here.