Nine Elms Earrings – Chalcedony in Silver


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  • Talisman for Serenity and Confidence 
  • 925 Sterling silver
  • Blue Chalcedony Semi-Precious Gemstone

Design: These oval earrings have an open setting which allows the light to move through the stone. This gives the gemstone a luminous quality. Due to their size and design, these earrings are highly versatile and comfortable to wear.

Blue Chalcedony Properties: You can notice colour variations when you look at Blue Chalcedony gemstones. This is because it ranges from a lilac shade of blue, right through to a sky blue. Apart from its beautiful colour, the thing that makes blue chalcedony popular is its healing properties. Two of Blue chalcedony’s many benefits are that it promotes compassion and improves communication. In fact, these qualities make it an excellent choice for those who speak for a living. For example, public speakers, teachers and influencers. It is then no coincidence that performers used to use this stone to help with stage fright. They believed that, by wearing this gemstone, it would dispel any stress and boost their confidence.

Birthstone: February 19 – March 19

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