Narrow Street Necklace – Labradorite in Gold Vermeil


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  • Talisman for Creativity 
  • 18ct Gold Vermeil
  • Labradorite Gemstone
  • Length of chain: 18″

Design: This necklace features a dainty geometric design with a faceted Labradorite. The gemstone is set within a spectacle setting so that the iridescence of the stone is seen at all angles. This also includes the back of the pendant as it is open to show the Gemstone.

Symbolic meaning: Did you know that circles are among the most historic geometric symbols? Since they universally represent the sun and the moon, it is no surprise that they symbolise unity, wholeness, and infinity.

Labradorite Properties: ​​labradorite is calming and helps to bring you new ideas. It also helps increase your analytical skills and rationality. Because of this, labradorite can aid in clarifying your relationship with yourself. It does this by revealing hidden aspects of your characteristics. It is a great choice if you are looking for a creativity boost. Labradorite also has many colours within and reflects differently in different lights. Because of this colour changing feature, it is dynamic and playful. 

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