Maddox Street Ring – Topaz in Rose Gold Vermeil

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  • Talisman for Life & Vitality
  • 18ct Rose Gold Vermeil 
  • Topaz Semi-precious stone
  • Model wearing Gold Vermeil

Design: This rose gold solitaire topaz ring features a gorgeous smooth band with a faceted Topaz gemstone. This is why it makes the perfect ring for stacking.

Symbolism: Did you know that circles are among the most historic geometric symbols? Since they universally represent the sun and the moon, it is no surprise that they symbolise unity, wholeness, and infinity.

Blue Topaz Properties: Blue Topaz is known to promote generosity, good health, love as well as good fortune. Due to the benefits Topaz brings, it makes a great anniversary or birthday gift. This also makes the Maddox Street Ring the perfect talisman for life & vitality.

Birthstone: November

Wedding Anniversary Stone: 4th Anniversary

All other rings pictured sold separately.


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