Bermondsey Street Studs – Moonstone in Rose Gold Vermeil


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  • Talisman for Confidence and Harmony 
  • 18ct Rose Gold Vermeil
  • length: 8mm
  • Rainbow Moonstone Gemstone

Design: The Bermondsey stud earrings have a unique oval shape. Due to the design, these stud earrings feature a Rose Quartz gemstone that catches the light beautifully.

Rainbow Moonstone Properties: This iridescent gemstone intensifies and strengthens feelings of inner worth, attracting strength and perseverance.

Due to its intriguing beauty, this unique gemstone appears throughout history. For instance, the Romans believed this stone to be good fortune because it carried the moonlight within. In India, wedding gifts of sacred moonstone were commonplace. Over in the middle east they chose to gift it to newlyweds because they recognised this stone for fertility. Back then and now,  Moonstone is globally recognised for holding powers of luck and love.

Birthstone: June


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